Jane Rosser

Jane is Song's 'people person'. A former HR director with a background in sales and training and priceless business experience gained as an entrepreneur, Jane now specialises in working with individuals and teams to help them realise potential they may not even recognise they have.

She brings a wealth of experience and qualifications, including an MSc in Coaching & Behavioural Change from Henley Business School, to the service of life long passions for helping people overcome personal challenges and for business generally. Fired by the desire to prevent others from failing to reach their full potential, whether as a consequence of misplaced personal beliefs or the unhelpful attitudes of others, she lives by the 'can do' attitude she helps others discover for themselves.

Having become head of people at Cafe Nerro she left to pursue passions for entrepreneurship and helping others fulfil their potential - both of which she has juggled with that for being a mum.

When not sailing, playing tennis, tramping across fields with the dogs or laughing with friends, she loves the variety of working with individuals on a one to one basis, working with teams in shared learning spaces and helping organisations work smarter.

  Neil Griffiths

Neil is Song's innovator and problem solver. A former City investment fund manager with a background in property, Neil too decided to make a break to follow his passions. Fascinated by why apparently smart people make bad decisions, in 2009 he took it upon himself to undertake a radical re-evaluation of human psychology and evolutionary systems as they affect business and social culture. Having won the support of international award winning social psychologist Prof. Shalom Schwartz, and being mentored by Cambridge evolutionary biologist Dr Tom Mitchell, he personally sponsored research with Royal Holloway and Bournemouth Universities to substantiate a theory that promises to redefine our understanding of human psychology, business and cultural evolution.

With one research paper published in the Journal of Research in Personality and two others waiting in the wings (see below), his work has already been applauded by leading academic figures in the fields of psychology and evolutionary biology. Should it fulfil its potential, the contribution it stands to make in helping individuals, business and society keep pace with the runaway influence of technology will be transformative.

This work has already resulted in the creation of Dominant Needs Analysis (DNA), a personal values based diagnostic developed with the support of Shalom Schwartz, that has been used in the aformentioned research to evaluate the cognitive biases and motivational systems of decision-makers and map the cultures of a variety of organisations. DNA provides insights that inform all of Song's work.

Despite the above, Neil is no ivory tower egg-head. When not wiggling his backside while race walking (a knee injury ended his football and running careers), cooking, making things, writing, composing and listening to what's new in music, he loves listening to people, learning about their businesses, helping them come up with innovative solutions to thorny and sometimes unforeseen problems and devising developmental frameworks in which they can flourish.