Tuning: Personal & Team Coaching


Coaching is in immensely powerful aid in personal and organisational development.

In fact it is essential if individuals and teams are to perform at the highest level.

All top sports people rely on the support of coaches.

Increasingly top business people are also realising natural ability is not enough.

The demands of leading and working effectively within a team or organisation are greater than any faced by an individual sports person.

Agile and effective organisations need to realise the transformational leadership potential in every single one of their employees.

Transformational leadership requires a certain personal values set.

Only Transformational Values-Based Coaching (TVC) can target the realisation of this potential.

TVC provides a values-based framework within which to more effectively employ the established techniques available to a coach.

Supported by DNA profiling, our coaching programmes are given a head start and then move more quickly through what would otherwise be uncertain psychological terrain.

Working with teams multiplies the benefits of individual coaching: maximising objectivity and enabling us to more directly address the practical challenges and organisational issues people are facing.

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