Re-mixing: Cultural and Organisational Change


The culture of an organisation reflects the needs of its people, its processes and the people it serves.

All of these are expressions of, or are attuned to, the personal values of those involved.

Large scale changes involve high levels of complexity arising from the interaction of the myriad value systems involved.

Most large scale change programmes end in failure because this is not properly understood.

Neil Griffiths spent many years in property investment and development, being led and managed before managing and leading diverse teams himself. Over this period he gained a practical understanding of how people interact in the pursuit of shared and individual goals. His subsequent work in the related fields of psychology and evolutionary systems has led him to gain an unparalleled understanding of why things go wrong and what needs to be done to get it right.

With Jane Rosser's experience as a coach, Song is able to work with organisations to help them design and implement effective, self-replicating and self-perpetuating initiatives that enable people and organisations to align needs and values and achieve sustainable agility.