The Message: Constructive and collaborative conversations


The way in which we communicate with each other has profound effects on the relationships we have and the performance of the organisations of which we are a part.

It may cause an intended message to be lost and other less helpful messages to be received in its place.

People are not machines. The language we use comes loaded with emotional potential. Apart from facilitating the communication of key practical information, it has the potential to build relationships or destroy trust, lubricate the wheels of industry or throw a spanner in the works.

Agility, well-being, engagement and profitability are all maximised when communication is clear and sensitive to the needs and values of people.

In these workshops we show how coaching and mentoring conversations can be used to revolutionise the way people work together: changing mindsets, truly engaging employees, enabling people to take responsibility while working collaboratively toward achieving shared goals.

Following completion of this learning space participants will:

► recognise the business case for having different coaching/mentoring based conversations in your organisation

► hold successful and productive conversations with members of their team and organisation

► develop team member's potential, increasing motivation and output in line with achieving the organisation's objectives