Virtuoso: ILM accredited agile internal coach training programmes


In order to bring about the shift in culture required to make an organisation more agile, people need to become simultaneously more responsible for their actions and supportive of others.

Initiative taking, communication and cooperation are at the heart of agile organisations.

These require moving from a 'do as I say' culture to a coaching culture aimed at empowering people to fulfil their potential.

This requires seeding the organisation with internal coaches: staff capable of acting as role models, mentors and coaches in the course of their normal work.

In order for this coaching culture to be aligned with organisational agility, and the realisation of transformational leadership potential, this coaching culture must be based on personal values.

Song offers training programmes for internal coaches informed by our unique understanding of personal values.

These are accredited by the Institute of Learning & Management (ILM), meaning that internal coaches gain an ILM accredited qualification.

We offer level 5 and level 7 courses for those with no and some prior experience of acting as a coach respectively.

Our internal coaching programmes can be:

scheduled around the needs of the organisation and the time available to staff

conducted on site, so as to minimise disruption, or off-site, to give distance and a different perspective

integrated with other coaching and consultancy services to provide additional support and maximise practical efficacy.