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The challenges facing organisations in making the journey from the fragility of transactional leadership to the agility of dispersed transformational leadership demand a holistic approach.

However, this doesn't mean that successful interventions have to be planned on a massive scale and implemented in one go. In fact that is possibly the best way to guarantee failure.

Agile solutions start small, adapt and evolve, gain in effectiveness, spread outward, foster new ways of thinking and behaving and eventually become self-sustaining.

Agile organisations filled with transformational people never need to change because they are constantly changing.

There are five 'song themed' points of entry to our holistic approach to agility.

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Individual and team coaching

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Future Focussed Learning Spaces

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Organisational and cultural change consultancy

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ILM accredited agile internal coach training to promote coaching culture

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Integrated 'Fragile to Agile' services

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What a song and dance!