It’s time to wake up & smell the coffee

Some think the rapid pace of change will eventually slow or plateau.
Until then, some think we must simply get used to making more frequent changes.

In reality the pace of change is set to increase exponentially.
By the time leaders recognise the need for change it'll already be too late.

The leaders, employees and organisations that will flourish in the future are those that evolve constantly.

Leaders must become transformational.
Employees must become leaders.
Organisations must become agile.

Transformational leadership requires a totally different mindset.
Agile organisations do things in totally different ways.

Song's directors are in a unique position to help.

Neil Griffiths's pioneering work in values-based psychology and systems theory explains where we are heading and what is needed to meet the challenges ahead.

Jane Rosser's experience and expertise in business, HR and as an executive coach helps people become better leaders and build more agile organisations.

Why Change Will Only Come Faster

Each and every innovation opens up unimagined opportunities and challenges: each inspiring its own innovations.

And so the cycle goes on: 1 innovation leads to 2 to 4 to 8 to 16 to 32 to 64 etc.

Ray Kurzweil (the artificial intelligence pioneer responsible for Siri amongst other things) has made a series of stunning predictions based on his Law of Accelerating Returns and, unlike most other crystal ball gazers, his predictions come true!

He wrote the linked article back in 2001. If you want to begin to grasp what lies ahead this is as good a place as any to start.

Always go with a song in your heart