The Power of Values

The 'values' of organisations are often little more than words on a wall.

Whereas our 'personal values' are deeply held, inescapable and guide our every perception, thought, word and deed.

We see things differently, make different choices and behave differently because our priorities are different: not just superficially but because deep down our brains are wired differently.

The type of relationships we develop and the organisations we build are all dictated to by the compound effects of subtle differences in how we value different things.

Understanding and working with these are the keys to transformational leadership and organisational agility.

They could hardly be more important, yet, until now, where they come from, the way they work and how they affect us have been poorly understood.

Founded in pioneering research (see below and on our webpage 'us'), Song's peerless knowledge of how they affect us informs everything we do.

Our initiatives change minds not just appearances - deal with the cause not just the symptoms.

Values, leadership and the DNA psychometric

On the front foot:
Creating leaders for the 21st century
(MSc research paper)