Our approach

At the heart of our approach are values: the most important part of our personalities and the keys to organisational success. 

This is based on a deep understanding of the psychology of personal values: how they affect our perceptions, decision-making and behaviour, and how we can use them as aids to personal and organisational development.


We love......

complex challenges and simple solutions;

people and the wonderful things they are capable of doing;

organisations and the extraordinary things that happen when people, systems and technology click;

free flowing ideas, constructive conversations, mutual empowerment, harmony and innovation;

listening, learning, reflecting, challenging, encouraging, guiding, letting go and cheering on.

We have qualifications and expertise, but more importantly we care and we have passion.

We are business people. We know what it takes. We have been there and done it. We have even written the book!

We are only satisfied when our clients our satisfied, and sometimes not even then.

Managing complexity with simplicity - a metaphor

This video serves as a metaphor for the apparent complexity found in organisations: caused by the interaction of people and other systems.

It is a Mandelbrot set: an immensely complex and infinitely intricate image, yet one created by a very simple formula.

Through our work we are coming ever closer to understanding the formula that drives all human behaviour and cognitive biases. We use this to help clients create a fertile environment from which their people can draw the energy to flourish.

Through consultancy and coaching we help individuals and organisations to become intuitively agile: to meet each new challenge as a springboard to continued success; not as a reason to go back to the drawing board or re-write the rule book.