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transforming people to transform organisations

Song is a change consultancy specialising in executive coaching, coach training and systemic cultural change. Our USP is our pioneering expertise in the fields of values based psychology and values equivalence in business systems. Sounds grand and obscure but what it boils down to is an understanding of the evolutionary systems that makes people, and the organisations they build, tick. Combining unparalleled academic rigour, creative thinking, genuine human warmth and real business experience Song is quite a special little organisation offering something rather special to clients wishing to develop transformational leadership and organisational agility.

What’s Our Game?

a transformational approach to leadership and organizational development

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What We Offer

values based coaching, consultancy and related services

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Who We Are

Jane Rosser & Neil Griffiths

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more information on values and being future focussed

the why and how of future-focussed agility 

What the Future Holds

The Power of Values